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Strategies designed to 

Reach Your Potential

Grant Writing & Management

Funding your organization requires knowing all of your options. Let JMPW Consulting help you identify opportunities, develop applications, and manage awards. We can support you with any stage of grant writing and management. 

Strategic Planning & Business 

With services ranging from project management to facilitation and everything in between, JMPW Consulting can help your business plan and execute your next project, 5-year plan, or help you get your ideas off the ground. 

Leadership   & Career Coaching

Ready to take your career to the next level?  With leadership you can improve your executive presence and strategy, plan  your next career move, and much more.  Help finding the clarity you need for what comes next. 

Procurement Support

Looking to expand your client base by winning new contracts?  We can help you target your search for solicitations, craft compelling narratives and complete all the necessary paperwork to win new business.


Dog Lover


Board Chair

High Desert Human Society

Jess came into our project judgment-free. She took the time to listen and thoroughly evaluate what we brought to the table, where we needed to go, and what it would take to get us there given our challenges.



Antlers and Oranges

"I hired Jessica to help me start my small craft business...the business side of the work is not my forte but she made the process clear, provided great guiding questions to help me develop a solid business plan, and set my mind at ease. I feel confident in my next steps and with Jessica's support feel ready to take on this new venture!"

At work


"Jessica helped me update my resume and cover letter. We worked together to tailor my application materials to the positions for which I was applying. Jessica helped me build my resume with a focus on results statements and functional experience. Her feedback was timely and thorough. It was easy to schedule consultation and meeting times."


Our mission is to provide exemplary advice and support to businesses and individuals along their journey to reach their full potential. Whether it is through leadership or career coaching, finding funding for your dream, or helping to project manage the latest strategic initiative, we are here to help you make your dreams a reality. We build the systems and structures that improve lives and organizations through active listening, creative problem-solving, and applying strategies across disciplines to find the best solution for your current challenge. With over a decade of experience in project management, budgeting, grant writing and administration, and coaching and mentoring, we can provide the knowledge and experience needed to propel you to the next level.

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