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Grant Writing & Management 

Finding the right funding opportunities to support your mission is key.  Let us help you with the paperwork so you can focus on delivering services and running your organization. 

Identifying and Winning Funding

We can help your organization...

  • Refine your action plan to ensure you are clear, concise, and demonstrate why your organization is a valuable resource for communities

  • Develop your measurement plans

  • Identify granting organizations and sources of funding that align with your mission, vision, and plans

  • Build budget and spending plans

  • Craft competitive proposals to support your goals

Management and Reporting

We can help your organization...

  • Establish internal controls and tracking for grant funds

  • Ongoing monitoring and data analysis

  • Completion of required reports

  • Compliance with spending requirements

  • Tracking timelines and reapplication requirements

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Grant Writing Intake
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